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don't have time now). A qute from somewhere). I can't believe how long this is taking to get something as simple as an official name restored to its proper form. Une discipline née de la rencontre entre la théorie quantique et la théorie de linformation Nous rencontrer Limoges Beaubreuil Bellac Saint Yrieix la Donc pour eux, forcément, son avocat est une pure ordure et se doit donc dêtre taillé en pièces. An existing convention walraedy exists between fedeeral electoral districts which use the emash because the soruce (Elections Canada) does, and provincial electoral districts, which use the hyphen - again because the source (Elections BC) does, as well as because of long-standing convention.

Rencontre hard se desabonner alberni clayoquot - Se désinscrire de

I see no reason at all why distant Wikipedians should decide that the BC Government Hansard, bcgnis, cgndb, the RDs themselves, etc are in error or are "lazy" for using hyphens in ALL their publications. Support, with exceptions assuming these were moved simply to conform to the MOS, without textual support Web sites are absolutely worthless as references here. This is not a double-barrel surname, it is a combination of two surnames created for the place. Franamax ( talk ) 10:47, 5 February 2011 (UTC) The above discussion is preserved as an archive of a requested move. Top 3 results for RD names (searched without a hyphen or dash) found using Google Books Search for "Alberni Clay"Regional District" (hyphen) Alberni-Clay"Regional District, British Columbia: People from Alberni-Clay"Regional District (hyphen) Settlements in the Alberni-Clay"Regional District: Ucluelet, Tofino, British Columbia, Bamfield, British Columbia, Hot Springs. There was a dash in the Hungarian name in the infobox on Austria-Hungary, I changed it to the proper usage. I agree with Skookum1's assessment; each article's title refers to a single entity whose designation was formally established by others, not two independent elements whose names we're combining. The result of the move request was: All 7 moved. Do you never edit articles on countries other than Canada (or better yet, only BC where you might make an error due to ignorance of local conventions? One editor was saying that "The Beatles" is a registered trademark so should always be spelt with a capital "T" in "The". Bonjour, je suis à la recherche dune fille qui aime la baise hard pour le plaisir sans mercantilisme Tansablogolive. It certainly shouldn't have spaces around the hyphen or dash, but the difference between a hyphen and dash is just a stylistic one and doesn't change the spelling, meaning or correctness of the name. As Queens Printer holds copyright and Crown Publications the sales/distribution, I have added an unofficial watermark. Upshot is that even despite the website presentations (below) she also looked up in the hardcopy, typeset volume and in all cases the hyphen is used, in any placename, whether a regional district or a provincial park or in any one of the provincial-level regionalization. You're a linguist, you should know better than to make such cockamamey arguments. Jai commencé à sortir en club et cest à cette période que jai rencontré deux amis. In this case, all sources seem to use only a hyphen 1 2, etc. Ucluelet or, tofino for 3-4 days. On a déjà dit plus haut que selon lui, le succès rencontré par Bienvenue chez les Chtis. Nai mise rencontres dinformation de ladresse sites rencontre hard se desabonner alberni clayoquot août ip grâce l site. Skookum1 ( talk ) 10:18, 30 December 2010 (UTC) I just re-read your last post, McLay. Skookum1 ( talk ) 05:05, 19 December 2010 (UTC). Please provide sources that spell those names with a dash or with spaces around the hyphen or with two hyphens. NB the same should be made on the two sub-articles there.

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